The Women's Studies Research Centre, Kurukshetra University was established in Feb. 1989. The Centre is fulfilling its objectives of research, curriculum development, documentation, networking, providing counselling services and launching awareness programmes. The main objectives of the Women's Studies Research Centre are as under:

(i) To change the present attitudes and values in society regarding women's roles and rights, to one of equal participation in all social, economic and political processes.

(ii) To promote awareness among women and men of the need to develop and utilise women's full potential as resources for national development in its economic, political and social-cultural aspects.

 (iii) To revitalise University education, bringing it closer to burning social issues, to work towards their solution and to produce sensitive persons able to play more committed and meaningful roles. To update university curricula by incorporating the results of new scholarship and the issues raised. To generate new and organic knowledge through intensive field work.

 (iv) To act as a nodal agency to monitor the functioning of women's development cells established in all the colleges of Haryana.

 Projects Undertaken

 The Centre undertakes research projects related to women and has completed the following projects:

 1. Impact of modernization and development on women of rural Haryana - A Case Study of village Lukhi.

 2. Genesis of the Nashabandi Movement in Haryana - A Review.

 3. Economic Liberalization and its impact on rural women.

 4. Socio-economic and Psychological Status of Resettled Women in Haryana after Particision (1947).

 5. Level of Political Awareness and participation of women in Haryana.

Library and Documentation Facilities

 The Women's Studies Research Centre, has a rich library of women's studies in various discipline and is also being regularly updated by the latest publications. The Centre also has a rich collection of Project Reports, UN Publications, Conference Reports, M. Phil & Ph.D. abstracts on women's studies. Documentation files on 75 different heads from 10 newspapers everyday, relating to women's studies. The Centre library also subscribes to 14 journals, the back issues of which are also available in the library.