Department Name:     Department of Public Administration


Introduction in Briefs:

                The Department of Public Administration established in 1985 imparts knowledge pertaining to various aspects of Public Administration to post-graduate students in a period of 2 years.   The Department has been making a significant contribution for the development of the discipline of Public Administration.   Guidance is also given to researchers in various fields of Public Administration.   The Department also assist5s and co-ordinates Directorate of Correspondence Courses of Kurukshetra University in organising Personal Contact Programme for M.A. Public Administration students.


            For M.A. (P), there are 3 compulsory papers – Admn. Theory, Comparative Public Personnel Admn. and Financial Administration and the option papers include – Development Admn., Indian Comparative Public Admn., Administrative Thought & Theories, Public Administration and Computer Applications, and Environmental, Policy & Administration in India.   For M.A.(F), there are two compulsory papers – Public Administration in India, and Economic Policy and Administration, and  optional papers (groups) each group  consisting two papers – Gr. A)  Urban Local Government in India, Britain, France & USA; Rural Local Administration, Gr. B) Labour Welfare Administration; Social Administration, Gr. C) Research Methods in Public Admn.; Public Policy Analysis, D) Politics and Administration; Political Theory, E) International Administration; Public International Law,. F) Indian Constitution; Administrative Law,  G) Health and Hospital Administration; Educational Administration, Gr. H) Police Administration in India; Criminology and Correctional Administration.

 Eligibility:   The minimum requirement for seeking admission to M.A. Public Admn. Course is atleast 45% marks in the subject of Public Administration at graduate level or 50% marks in the aggregate at UG level.


Course Name                                  Duration                                 No. of seats

M.A. (Public Admn.)                         Two years                                50 (+05 NRI)

M.Phil (Pub.Admn.)                          one year                                   10

Ph.D.                                                4 to six years                            Professor = 10 seats

                                                                                                         Reader = 05 seats

                                                                                                         Lecturer = 02 seats


Faculty Members

Chairman:        Dr Pardeep Sachdeva,M.A.,M.Phil, Ph.D., (84/13, Urban Estate, Kurukshetra)

                                                         Phone (resi.)  01744- 21715

Brief Profile:    …………………….   

Others Members:




Address with Phone No.

1Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Professor (on leave)

M.A., Ph.D.

E-9, University Campus, Kurukshetra (ph.26162)

2. Dr. Mohinder Singh


M.A., Ph.D.

TF –22, University Campus, Kurukshetra. (phone: 27742)

3. Ms. Manjusha Sharma


M.Phil, Diploma in German, Cert. Course in French

DA5, R.E.C., Kurukshetra (Ph. 26123)

4. Dr. A.S.Malik


M.A., Ph.D.

D-38, University Campus, Kurukshetra (ph.25619)

5. Mr. Rajesh Kumar



Dept. of Public Admin. K.U.Kurukshetra (ph.35585)


Special Achievement:

            The Department of English has so far conducted 3 Refresher Courses in Public Administration for University and college teachers..   Besides, the Department has since its inception held 2 National Seminars.

Research in Progress:  

Scholar’s Name

Supervisor’s Name

Research Topic

Year of Registration

1. Iqbal Singh

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Citizen and Administration: A Study in Haryana State.


2. Manjusha Sharma

Dr. Mohinder Singh

Women Leadership in Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Study of Haryana


3. Udaibhan Singh


Organisation & Functions of Social Welfare Administration: A Study of Haryana State.


4. Satbir Kaur

Dr. A.S.Malik

Human Resource Development (A Study of Senior Secondary Sch. Teachers in Haryana.


5. Wazir Singh


Administration and Utilization of Rural Common Property Resources in Haryana.


6. Arvind Chaudhary

Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva

Municipal Leadership in Haryana with Special Reference to Reservation Policy for women.


7. Rekha Sharma

Dr. Mohinder Singh

Administration of Integrated Rural Development: A Study of Rural Women’s Self Employment Programmes in Haryana.


8. Dilbag Singh

Dr.Hoshiar Singh

Desert Development in Haryana: An Administrative Study of Policy and Programmes in Bhiwani District



Dr.Mohinder Singh

Rural Basic Services in Haryana: A Study of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation.


10.Suman Gupta


Environment Administration: A Study of Haryana State Pollution Control Board


11.Vishnu Bhagwan

Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva

Dimensions of Bureaucratic Corruption: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Organisations.


12. Suman


Old Age Welfare in Haryana


13. Virender Kumar

Dr. A.S.Malik

The Administrative Culture in the Panchayat Raj Institutions: A Comparative Study of Two Districts in the State of Haryana.


14. S.K.Ghosh

Dr.Hoshiar Singh

Probationary Training of Indian Administrative Service –  A Study


15. Mahender Singh

Dr. A.S.Malik

Bureaucracy and Rural Development – A Study in the State of Haryana.



Research Work Completed:

Scholar’s Name

Supervisor’s Name

Research Topic

Year of Submission

1. Harbhagwan Bathla

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Political Parties and Panchayati Raj Institutions in Haryana – A Case Study of Kurukshetra district.


2. A.S.Malik


Administration of Rural Industrial Development in Haryana


3. Rakesh Kumar


Administration of Canal Irrigation in Punjab – A Case Study to Ferozepur District.


4. Subhash Chander


Administration of Health Services in the State of Haryana.


5. Munni Devi


Administration of Cooperative Credit in Haryana.


6. Jyoti

Dr. Mohinder Singh

State Planning Board in Haryana – A Study.


7.Shrawan Lal


Central Warehousing Corporation: A Study in Policy, Planning & Administration.


8.Balwant Singh


Labour Policy and Administration in Haryana.


9.Tarsem Singh

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Tehsil Administration in Haryana.


10.Geeta Khanna

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Personnel Administration in University Libraries in Northern Region with special reference to Kurukshetra, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh Universities.


11.Raj Kumar

Dr. Mohinder Singh

Role of Voluntary Organisations in Social Welfare in Haryana


12.Sumitra Devi


Women Development in Haryana – A Study in Policy, Planning & Administration.


13. Mahima Singh

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Women Development and Judicial Process in India: A Study of Social Welfare Legislations.


14. S.S.Malik


Panchayati Raj in Haryana After 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act – A Politico-Administrative Study


15.Subhash Chander


Violence in Industries- A Study of Violent Incidents in Faridabad Industrial Area.


16.Krishan Kumar

Dr. A.S.Malik

Politicians and Administrators Relationships – A Study of Hisar District.


17.Rohtas Kumar

Dr. Hoshiar Singh

Prison Administration in Haryana.


18.Rajesh Kumar

Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva

Municipal Government in Haryana after 74th Constitutional Amendment Act – A Study of Institutions, Process and Personnel Practices.


19.Sarvjit Kaur


Administration of Child Welfare in Haryana.




Projects Undertaken:


a)      Prof.Hoshiar Singh:  (i) ‘A Study of Socio-Economic Development of Scheduled Castes in Haryana’ research report submitted to ICSSR in 1998.  

(ii)                Integrated Tribal Development Project – A Study of Socio-Economic Changes in Tribal Communities in Rajasthan, ICSSR, New Delhi in 1989.

(iii)               Common Property Resource in Haryana & Rajasthan, an UGC Project.

b) Dr. Mohinder Singh:      

 i) Minor Research Projection: Integrated Rural Development (IRDP): A Case Study of Thanesar Block of Kurukshetra District (Haryana)  completed   in 1992 (UGC)

ii) Minor Research Project on ‘An Evaluation Study of the Fish Farmers Development Agencies Ambala, Kaithal, Kurukshetra and Yamuna Nagar.’ (UGC Project)

b)      Dr Pardeep Sachdeva:

   (i) Municipal Government and Political in Punjab – A Case Study of Patiala Municipal Committee and Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi


Books Written/edited by staff members


1)      Prof. Hoshiar Singh


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III)             Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva

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3.        Ms Manjusha Sharma:


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vii)                Attended and participated paper in  National Seminar  on ’50 Years of Indian Administration’ at University of Lucknow on April 25-26, 1998 entitl4ed ‘Women Leadership in Panchayati Raj Institutions: Issues and challenges”.


4.        Dr. A.S.Malik  :    


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                                                                                                                Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva


                                                                                                                Dept. of Public Administration

                                                                                                                K.U. Kurukshetra