The Department of Music and Dance started functioning in the year 1975. It has a tradition of high academic and cultural standards and offers individual attention to students at all levels.


The Department has evolved a pattern of studies for its M.A. Programme which lays equal emphasis on traditional and contemporary system of education. While it offers stress on practical aspect of Music, the courses accommodate several other theoretical aspects of Music such as History,Musicology, Applied theory, Technical information about various instruments, Biographies of great Musicians and great scholars of different periods, various styles and forms of Music, upcoming changes in performance of Music etc. apart from this, a great stress is given on interdisciplinary studies like Philosophical and Psychological aspects of Music, spiriutal aspect of Music, Music theraphy, Biological study with regard to Voice Culture, Music and Aesthetics etc.

There are two streams

  1. Vocal
  2. Instrumental.

Students can opt for any one of them.

The M.A. programme extends over fopr two years (annual system of examination) and provides opportunities for the following - a broad acquitance with the art of Music, opportunity for reasonable specialization in a few areas like performance, teaching, composition work, Research and comparative study of different systems of classical Music etc. The methods adopted for training are Lecture, discussions and practical performance of vocal or Instrumental Music. Students are also side by side encouraged to perform in Seminars held fortnightly the paper of stage performance. The M.A. examination consists four papers i.e. two papers for theory and two for practical(stage performance and vico-voce).

The M.Phil. is a one year programme which includes course work and Dissertation. The courses relate to the candidate's area of interest in which the Dissertation is to be written.

The Dissertation is written on a topic approved by the Departmental M.Phil. Committee and under the supervision of a faculty memebr. The programme includes two written papers for theory and three papers for practical i.e. Lecture-Demonstration. Stage Performance and Vica-voce. The Dissertation is examined by an external examiner. (For the last two years no admissions were made to this course).

The Ph.D. programme normally extends over a minimum period of two years from the data of enrolment. The nature of the programme is individually decided for each candidate through the Departmental Ph.D. Committee which shall examine the application and synopsis prepared by the applicant in consulation with the proposed Supervisor, test the candidate through Semianr to probe his or her knowledge of the subject, determine his or her suitability, satisfy itself that the subject can be profitably pursued for research by the applicant under the superintendence of the Department and forward the applciation to the Board of Post-graduate Studies in Music.


The Department enrolls students for research in all major areas of studies related to Music: Vocal, Instrumental and Dance. The choioce of research topic is dependent on availability of faculty and expertise.


For admission to M.A. (Music) a Practical Test of 50 marks is held.


For admission to M.Phil. (Music), a written Test consisting of objective type of short answer questions of 30 marks is held.