Jawahar Lal Nehru Library

The library is progressing towards the complete computerization by way of adopting the information technology. Initially  infrastructure for the computerization and automation of the library has been developed with financial assistance of UGC and in collaboration with the INFLIBNET Center, Ahmedabad. After that the whole infrastructure has been created with the   financial investment of the university, mainly in the period under review. It   is entering in  the  final phase of complete computerization. Its networking has been completed (around 50 nodes have been provided in different sections of the library) and all the floors of library are connected to each other with the server placed in the ERNET section. The OPAC (on line public access catalogue) is in operation for the users and it contains collection of around 2,60,000 books, 2036 thesis and 2343 journals. New books catalogues are generated with the help of computers and all the new books are bar-coded. Membership details of all the students are available on the OPAC and   students’  I-CARDS have been bar-coded.


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