Availability of high quality materials with a wide range of desired properties is essential for the growth of Science & Technology. Recent advances in the nano-scale fabrication technology have given a new impetus to materials & their applications. Materials science is fastly developing into a multidisciplinary field, where scientists are engaged in the synthesis and characterization of variety of novel materials and the investigation of their various properties like chemical, electrical, optical, mechanical etc. The aim of the present Conference (NCMA-2004) is, therefore, to cover a wide range of activities from synthesization to applications of a variety of materials. The conference endeavors to bring together the scientists, engineers and academia in materials science research and to derive benefits from each other's experience.
The scientific programme will include the following topics: 

a) Nano-Materials & Low - Dimensional Systems 
b) Non-linear Optical Materials 
c) Luminescent Materials 
d) Semi- and Super-conducting Materials 
e) Disordered Materials 
f) Ion-Irradiation in Materials 
g) Crystals Growth and Characterization 

Both abstract and the manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word, typed in single spacing using Times New Roman font on one side of the A4 size papers. 

The abstract should be typed within a block size of 12cm (width) x 15cm (length) using 12 pt. font. 

· The title must be as short as possible. Authors names with initials in capital should appear below the title. The address must start from the next line. The text of the abstract should begin without indentation with one space below the address. 
· The topic category (e.g. e for Disordered Materials) must be indicated at the top right hand corner of the abstract. Do not write topic category on the manuscript 
· Name, complete postal address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be indicated below the abstract block. 

Manuscript should be prepared in double column format as per the guidelines given in the enclosed sample copy. The length of the manuscript should be 6 printed pages for the invited talks and 4 printed pages for the contributed papers.  All figures, tables etc. should be incorporated in the Microsoft Word Document. The figures/ photographs should be in black and white and the font size used for legends should be readable in the final camera-ready form of the manuscript. 

Authors are requested to send -  

1. Original and two good camera-ready hard copies of the abstract and manuscript prepared as per guidelines given above. 
2. The electronic files of the abstract and the manuscript  (complete in all respects) on CD/ 1.44 MB floppy disk prepared using only the Microsoft Word along with the figures/ photographs in separate electronic files from the text document in a Microsoft Word compatible format. 
3. Two self-addressed stamped envelopes (Rs.5 each) for receiving acknowledgement and information about the acceptance of the paper.   
All contributions should reach The Convener - NCMA-2004 latest by Monday, December 01, 2003. Acceptance will be intimated by December 15, 2003. 

Faculty / Scientists  : Rs. 1000/-
Research Scholars  : Rs. 700/-
Accompanied Members : Rs. 300/-
Overseas Participants  : US $100/- 
Accommodation will be provided in University Hostels / Guest House and nearby places.
Those participants who wish to stay in the HOTELS are requested to book their accommodation atleast one-month in advance on actual payment basis. For details please contact Convener NCMA-2004.
Participants are advised to use their institutional funds for travel. However, limited assistance can be provided to research scholars. Request for travel assistance should be sent to the Convener well in advance.
Kurukshetra is 160 Kms. North of Delhi and is well connected by road and train. It is one of the holiest places of India where epic war of Mahabharata was fought and message of Bhagwad Gita was given by Lord Krishna. 
The weather in February is pleasant. Typical maximum and minimum temperatures are 22°C and 10°C respectively. Participants are advised to bring light woolen clothing with them.
Abstracts and Papers      December 01, 2003
Prof. Nafa Singh
Convener NCMA - 2004 
Department of Physics
Kurukshetra University
Kurukshetra - 136 119 (Haryana)
Fax:   +91-1744-238277
E-mail:  physik@granth.kuk.ernet.in
(NCMA - 2004)
February 23-25, 2004
(Please fill in this form or its xerox copy and return as soon as possible, but not later than December 1, 2003)

Name:                          ____________________________________________ 
Designation:                  ____________________________________________ 
Address:                       ____________________________________________ 
Telephone:                   ____________________________________________ 
Fax No.:                      ____________________________________________ 
E-mail:                        ____________________________________________ 
· I wish to participate in this conference: Yes/No 
· I wish to present a contributed paper: Yes/No 
· Title of the Paper:      ___________________________________________ 
· I require accommodation for persons from    to . February, 2004. 
Registration Fee: 
Amount (Rs.)              ___________________________________________ 
D. D. No.                   ___________________ Dated __________________ 
(To be drawn in favour of Convener NCMA - 2004, payable at Kurukshetra) 

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A. K. Chawla                    Patron 
D. K. Chaturvedi            Chairman 
Nafa Singh                      Convener 
N. D. Sharma 
Shyam Kumar 
S. C. Mishra 
M. S. Yadav 
Fakir Chand 
R. K. Moudgil                  Secretary 
Sanjeev Aggarwal            Secretary 

Mukand Lal National College, Yamuna Nagar 
Ramesh Kumar 
Prabhat Singh 
P. S. Rana 
(NCMA - 2004) 
February 23-25, 2004 
R. P. Bajpai  CSIO                                       Chandigarh 
V. N. Bhoraskar IUC-DAEF                       Indore 
S. Dattagupta  SNB NCBS                         Kolkata 
P. S. Goyal  IUC-DAEF                              Mumbai 
N. Kumar  RRI                                           Banglore 
S. C. K. Misra  NPL                                   New Delhi 
Arun Nigavekar UGC                                New Delhi 
K. N. Pathak  PU                                        Chandigarh 
Satya Prakash  JU                                      Gawalior 
Amit Roy  NSC                                           New Delhi 
V. C. Sahni  BARC                                     Mumbai 
S. K. Sikka  Govt. of India                         New Delhi 
R. K. Singh  MPBU                                    Bhopal 
O. N. Srivastava BHU                               Varanasi 
Dharam Vir  Govt. of Haryana                  Chandigarh