The department of Botany was established in the year 1967. Currently, the department has four professors, one reader and three lecturers excluding one on leave. About 600 research papers and scientific articles have been published in national and international journals of repute. The department has produced more than 70 Ph.D. students so far. The department has successfully completed several research projects. Major areas of research in the department include physiology and microbial biochemistry, genetics, experimental botany, plant and microbial ecology, system analysis and plant pathology. Many faculty members visited abroad for advanced training in their respective areas and for participation in international conferences/congresses. Besides they have held membership of various national and international association and societies. The department maintains a library for students and a small Botanical Garden. At present there are several full-time research scholars working on different areas of research and they are obtaining scholarships from the university/other agencies. Many of our students passed NET/SET/GATE examinations successfully and have completed research from this department. A large number of our students are occupying teaching and other positions in the country. The department was chosen to organize refresher course in Botany thrice on a national level. There are several eminent personalities from various other universities/institutions who have been visiting this department and also delivered lectures useful to our students time and again. The department has very healthy academic atmosphere and a congenial teacher-taught relationship.

Courses conducted by the Department


Course Name


No. of seats

M. Sc.

2 years


Ph. D.






Chairman (Brief Profile)


          Professor Keshav Trehan completed his B. Sc. (Hons.), M. Sc. and Ph. D. from University of Delhi. He has visited U.S.A. as a graduate teaching fellow, University of Oregon and also as INSA-Royal Society fellow to University of Warwick, U.K. besides visiting several other research laboratories abroad, he has undertaken many major research projects from funding agencies such as U.G.C., C.S.I.R. and I.C.A.R. He is also author of two books entitled “Biotechnology” and “Biochemistry”. He has guided many Ph.D. students and published several research papers in journals of national and international repute besides holding memberships in scientific societies. Major areas of interest in   research and teaching include plant microbial physiology.







Address with telephone no. and email address, if any

Prof. Keshav Trehan

Professor & Chairman

M.Sc., Ph.D.

22381 (R)

Prof. D. Mukherjee


M.Sc., D. Phil.

25893 (R)

Prof. S.R. Gupta


M.Sc., Ph.D.

22908 (R)

Prof. N.K. Matta


M.Sc., Ph. D.

24941 (R)

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal


M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D.

25207 (R)

Dr. B.D. Vashistha


M.Sc. M. Phil. Ph.D.


Dr. C.B. Singh


M.Sc., Ph.D.

36653 (R)

Dr. Narender Singh


M.Sc., Ph.D.

29592 (R)






Research Scholar’s Name

Supervisor’s Name

Topic of Research & Year of Registration

Mr. Shah Alam Khan

Prof. K. R. Aneja

Biological control of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorous L.) with indigenous fungal pathogens.

Ms. Preeti Chaturvedi

Dr. B. D. Vashistha

In vitro studies on mosses in relation to growth regulators and heavy metal. 1997

Ms. Deepti Sharma

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal

Effect of some soil fungicides and chemical fertilizers on soil mycoflora with special reference to mycorrhizal fungi of sunflower crop. 1998.

Ms. Neeraj

Prof. S.R. Gupta

Plant diversity, soil microbial activity and nitrogen mineralization in a grassland ecosystem. 1998.

Mr. Balkar Singh

Prof. N. K. Matta

Effect of nutrient supply and salinity on seed storage proteins of wheat. 199.

Mr. Nidhan Singh

Dr. B. D. Vashistha

Floristic diversity in forests of Siwaliks in Haryana. 2000.

Mr. Vipin Parkash

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal

Mycorrhizal studies  on some Ehthnobotanical plants of Himachal Pradesh. 2000.

Ms. Savita Panwar

Dr. B.D. Vashishta

Studies on in vitro propagation of Crataeva nurvala Buch. Ham. 2000.

Ms. Seema Sharma

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal

Mycorrhizal studies on some economically important plants. 2001.




Research Scholar’s Name

Supervisor’s Name

Research Topic


Dr. Maneesha

Prof. Keshav Trehan

Studies on enzymatic control of nitrogen fixation in relation to some heavy metals in a cyanobacterium.


Dr. Savina Kumari


Studies on regulation of nitrogen fixation and some related processes in a purple non-sulphur phototrophic bacterium.


Dr. Yash Pal


Studies on some biochemical aspects of nitrogen fixation in a cyanobacterium.


Dr. Monika Kamal


Studies on some aspects of physiology and control nitrogen fixation in a cyanobacterium


Dr. K.U.M. Rao

Prof. D. Mukherjee

Senescence of leaves and reproductive


Dr. Ramesh Kumar


Senescence regulation in Pigeon peas with reference to water stress and growth substances.


Dr. Nirmala Kumari


Certain physiological and biochemical aspects of potato tubers during storage.


Dr. Bal Krishan


Evaluation of different provenances of Acacia nilotica (L.) WILLD EX. DEL. In India


Dr. G. Ponmeni


Regulation of senescence and abscission in leave and reproductive parts of Cajanus cajan.


Dr. Neelam Kumari


Post-harvest physiology and ageing of potato tubers.


Dr. Bharat Bhushan

Prof. S.R. Gupta

Productivity and nutrient dynamics in agroforestry systems.


Dr. Amarjit Singh


Effects of Crop Residue management on carbon turnover and soil nitrogen dynamics


Dr. Ashwani Kumar


Nutrient dynamics and trace gas fluxes in forest and cropland ecosystems.


Dr. Vikas Malik


Plant residue manage-ment in relation to soil fertility in a cropland ecosystem.


Dr. Bhupinder Kaur


Organic matter dynamics and nitrogen mineralization in agroforestry system.


Dr. Palagummi



Adaptability of rice to saline environments


Dr. Mamta Chandna

Prof. N.K. Matta

Structural and genetic studies on seed proteins of Lathyrus sativus L.


Dr. Sushil Kumar


Characterization studies on major storage proteins of Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek.


Dr. Kiran Pal Uppal


Studies on major seed storage proteins of Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper.


Dr. Ranjeet Singh


Characterization and developmental studies on seed proteins of Cicer arietinum L.


Dr. Sanjay Bansal


Studies on major storage proteins in developing seeds in Pisum sativum L.


Dr. Hima Arora


Variation in inheritance studies on seed proteins and isozymes of Cicer arietinum L.


Dr. Priya Rani

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal

Studies on Vescicular Arbuscular mycorrhizae including rhizosphere and rhizoplane micrflora from desert/arid plant/plants of Haryana.


Dr. Jitendra Kumar


Studies on root rot of sunflower with special reference to rhizosphere including mycorrhizae.


Dr. Anita Saini

Dr. B.D. Vashistha

Studies on some Indian bryophytes.




Title of the Project


Sponsoring Body


1.     Physiology and genetics of nitrogen fixation in photosynthetic microorganisms.

2.     Interaction of mercury with growth, genetic resistance and enzymology of nitrogen fixing microbes.

3.     Biochemical and genetic improvement of phototropic microbes for nitrogen fixation and ammonia biosynthesis

Dr. Keshav Trehan



















1.     Post-harvest physiology and biochemistry of certain fruits and vegetables.

2.     Biochemistry of senescence in leaves and reproductive organs of pigeon pea.

Prof. D. Mukherjee









1.        Productivity and nutrient cycling in a tropical deciduous forest ecosystem.

2.        Impact of tree felling on ecosystem functions of natural forest ecosystems in Morni Hills.

3.        Effect of plant residue management on the rate of decomposition and nitrogen mineralisation in an agroecosystem.

4.        Nitrogen cycling and trace gas fluxes in forest and cropland ecosystems.

Prof. S.R. Gupta



























1.        Characterization and improvement of legume storage proteins

2.        Biochemical studies on seed proteins of Vigna radiata

3.        Developmental and structural studies on seed proteins of Phaseolus mungo.

4.        Developmental regulation and improvement of seed storage proteins in legumes.

5.        Effect of nutrient supply and salinity on accumulation of storage proteins in wheat.

Prof. N.K. Matta




























1.    Studies on vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from wastelands and desert soils of Haryana and their application in the development of wastelands and arid lands in Haryana (with Prof. R.S.Mehrotra)

2.    Studies on Phytopthora spp. from North-India.

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal



























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